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Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Preprints 2012

The three-letter code attached to the preprint number indicates the scientific programme during which the paper was written. Click on the code to see the programme details.

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
NI12001-DAE HY Wang and N Flournoy Inference on a new sigmoid regression model with unknown support and unbounded likelihood function
NI12002-DAE D Dragulji'c, DC Woods, AM Dean, SM Lewis and AE Vine Screening strategies in the presence of Interactions
NI12003-DAE PM van de Ven and DC Woods Optimal blocked minimum-support designs for non-linear models
NI12004-DAN KJ  Swanepoel and R Villa Maximal equilateral sets
NI12005-DAE CJ Brien, RA Bailey, TT Tran and J Boland Quasi-Latin designs and their use in glasshouse experiments
NI12006-DAE H Dette and J Kunert Optimal designs for the Michaelis Menten model with correlated observations
NI12007-DAE H Dette and C Kiss Optimal designs for rational regression models
NI12008-BSM P Tourkine and P Vanhove A R4non-renormalisation theorem in $\mathcal{N}$ = 4 supergravity
NI12009-DAE N Flournoy, LM Haines and WF Rosenberger A graphical method for comparing response-adaptive randomization procedures
NI12010-SAS J Alama, L Mamame and J Urban Dependencies in formal mathematics: applications and extraction for Coq and Mizar
NI12011-SAS C Bylinski and J Alama New developments in parsing Mizar
NI12012-DAE A  Lane, P Yao and N Flournoy Information in a two-stage adaptive optimal design
NI12014-BSM A Bagchi and R Fareghbal BSM/GCA redux: towards flatspace holography from non-relativistic symmetries
NI12015-INV J Eckhardt and G Teschl Uniqueness results for one-dimensional Schrödinger operators with purely discrete spectra
NI12016-INV J Eckhardt and G Teschl Singular Weyl-Titchmarsh-Kodaira theory for Jacobi operators
NI12017-SAS J Alama Tipi: A TPTP-based theory development environment emphasizing proof dependencies
NI12018-SAS J Alama, T Heskes, D Kühlwein, E Tsivtsivadze and J Urban Premise selection for mathematics by corpus analysis and Kernel methods
NI12019-SAS J Alama and R Kahle Checking proofs
NI12020-SAS U Andrews, S Lempp, JS Miller,  Keng Meng Ng and L San Mauro et al Universal computably enumerable equivalence relations
NI12021-SAS B Kjos-Hassen, A Taveneaux and N Thapen How much randomness is needed for statistics? Proceedings of Computability in Europe 2012, LNCS 7318, pages 395-404
NI12022-SAS D Doty, JH Lutz, MJ Patitz, RT Schweller and SM Summers et al The tile assembly model is intrinsically universal
NI12023-DAE RA Bailey, K Schiffl and RD Hilgers A note on robustness of D-optimal block designs for two-colour microarray experiments
NI12024-DAE L Lee Ho, CA Vivacqua and AL Santos de Pinho Split-plot type designs for physical prototype testing
NI12025-SAS J Alama Escape to Mizar from ATPs
NI12026-SAS G Primiero Intuitionistic logic of proofs with dependant proof terms
NI12027-SAS X Gu, JH Lutz, E Mayordomo and P Moser Dimension spectra of random subfractals of self-similar fractals
NI12028-MOS A Casimiro and C Florentino Stability of affine $\it G$-varieties and irreducibility in reductive groups
NI12029-SPD R Dalang and M Sanz-Solé Hitting probabilities for non-linear systems of stochastic waves
NI12030-SAS RR Lutz, JH Lutz, JI Lathrop, TH Klinge and D Mathur et al Requirements analysis for a product family of DNA Nanodevices
NI12031-SAS P Aczel Some open (?) problems concerning dependent type theories
NI12032-SAS P Aczel, H Ishihara, T Nemoto and Y Sangu Generalized geometric theories and set-generated classes
NI12033-SAS P Aczel Rudimentary and arithmetical constructive set theory
NI12035-SAS J Avigad and V Brattka Computability and analysis: the legacy of Alan Turing
NI12036-SAS V Brattka, S Le Roux and A Pauly Connected choice and the Brouwer Fixed Point Theorem
NI12037-SAS R Downey Randomness, computation and mathematics
NI12038-SAS R Downey, A Dediu and C Martin-Vide A parameterized complexity tutorial Proceedings, Language and Automata Theory & Applications, LATA 2012. Springer-Verlag LNCS 7183 (2012), 38-56
NI12039-SAS RG  Downey, CG  Jockusch Jr. and PE Schupp Asymptotic density and computably enumerable sets s
NI12040-SAS R Downey The birth and early years of parameterized complexity The Multivariate Algorithmic Revolution and Beyond. Essays Dedicated to Michael R Fellows on Occasion of 60th Birthday.
NI12041-SAS R Downey, H Bodlaender, F Fomin and D Marx A basic parameterized complexity primer The Multivariate Algorithmic Revolution and Beyond, Essays Dedicated to Michael R Fellows on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday.
NI12042-SAS G Barmpalias and R Downey Exact pairs for the ideal of the $\it K$-trivial sequences in the turing degrees
NI12043-SAS R Downey, A Kach, S Lempp and D Turetsky Computable categoricity versus relative computable categoricity
NI12044-SAS R Downey, KM Ng and R Solomon On minimal wtt-degrees and computably enumerable Turing degrees
NI12045-SPD RC Dalang, D Khoshnevisan and E Nualart Hitting probabilities for systems of non-linear stochastic heat equations in spatial dimension $\it k$ $\geq 1$
NI12046-SAS EJ Spoors and SS Wainer A hierarchy of ramified theories below PRA
NI12047-SAS R Downey and KM Ng Lowness for bounded randomness Theoretical Computer Science A
NI12048-SAS R Bod, B Fisseni, A Kurji and B Löwe Objectivity and reproducibility of proppian narrative annotations
NI12049-SAS B Fisseni and B Löwe Which dimensions of narratives are relevent for human judgments of story equivalence?
NI12050-SAS PD Welch $\it G \delta\sigma$-games
NI12051-SAS PD Welch Global reflection principles
NI12052-SAS JM Hitchcock and E Mayordomo Base invariance of feasible dimension
NI12053-SAS AA Abbott, CS Calude, J Conder and K Svozil Kochen-Specker theorem revisited and strong incomputability of quantum randomness
NI12054-INV G Alessandrini and E Sincich Cracks with impedance, stable determination from boundary data
NI12055-SAS JD Hamkins, G Leibman and B  Löwe Structural connections between a forcing class and its modal logic
NI12056-SAS JD Hamkins Every countable model of set theory embeds into its own constructible universe
NI12057-BSM BP Dolan and RJ Szabo Solitons and Yukawa couplings in nearly Kähler flux compactifications
NI12058-SRO M J Esteban and S Rota-Nodari Ground states for a stationary mean-field model for a nucleon
NI12059-SAS JD Hamkins and B Löwe Moving up and down in the generic multiverse
NI12060-SAS E Mayordomo Effective dimension in some general metric spaces
NI12061-SAS R Glaschick A size index for multitape Turing Machines
NI12062-SPD Z Brzeźniak and A Millet On the stochastic Strichartz estimates and the stochastic nonlinear Schrödinger equation on a compact riemannian manifold
NI12063-SAS TA Slaman and A Sorbi A note on initial segments of the enumeration degrees
NI12064-SAS V Becher and S Grigorieff Wadge hardness in Scott spaces and its effectivization
NI12065-SAS V Becher and PA Heiber Normal numbers and finite automata
NI12066-SAS V Becher and S Grigorieff Borel and Hausdorff hierarchies in topological spaces of Choquet games and their effectivization
NI12067-SAS V Becher and PA Heiber Normality and differentiability
NI12068-SAS V Becher Turing's normal numbers: towards randomness
NI12069-SAS RA Shore The Turing degrees below generics and randoms
NI12070-SAS G Barmpalias, R Hölzl, AEM Lewis and W Merkle Analogues of Chaitin's omega in the computably enumerable sets
NI12071-SAS G Barmpalias and A Li Kolmogorov complexity and computably enumerable sets
NI12072-SAS G Barmpalias and RG Downey Resolute sequences in initial segment complexity
NI12073-SAS G Barmpalias Algorithmic randomness and measures of complexity
NI12074-DAE H Großmann Automating the analysis of variance of orthogonal designs
NI12075-TOD RE Goldstein, HK Moffatt and AI Pesci Topological constraints and their breakdown in dynamical evolution
NI12076-DAE M Prus and R Schwabe Optimal designs for the prediction of individual effects in random coefficient regression
NI12077-SPD Z Brzeźniak, M Gubinelli and M Neklyudov Global solutions of the random vortex filament equation
NI12078-AMM M Ainsworth and R Rankin Computable error bounds for finite element approximation on non-polygonal domains
NI12079-AMM M Ainsworth, G Andriamaro and O Davydov A Bernstein-Bézier basis for arbitrary order Raviart-Thomas finite elements
NI12080-DAE U Graßhoff, H Holling and R Schwabe Optimal design for count data with binary predictors in item response theory
NI12081-SAS A Beckmann and SR Buss Improved witnessing and local improvement principles for second-order bounded arithmetic
NI12082-SAS A Beckmann, SR Buss and S-D Friedman Safe recursive set functions
NI12083-SPD V Barbu, Z Brzeźniak, E Hausenblas and L Tubaro Existence and convergence results for infinite dimensional nonlinear stochastic equations with multiplicative noise
NI12084-TOD J Cantarella, AY Grosberg, R Kusner and C Shonkwiler The expected total curvature of random polygons
NI12085-TOD HK Moffatt The fluid dynamics of James Clerk Maxwell
NI12086-AMM PS Peixoto and SRM Barros Analysis of grid imprinting on geodesic spherical icosahedral grids
NI12087-AMM S Janakiraman A reparametrisation of the sphere through a conformal mapping between the sphere and a Riemann surface
NI12088-SAS Y Matiyasevich New conjectures about zeroes of Riemann's zeta function
NI12089-TOD R V Buniy, J Cantarella, T W Kephart and E Rawdon The tight knot spectrum in QCD
NI12090-DAN KJ Swanepoel Sets of unit vectors with small subset sums
NI12091-TOD F Gay-Balmaz, M Monastyrsky and TS Ratiu Applications of Lagrangian reduction to condensed matter

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