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Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Preprints 2009

The three-letter code attached to the preprint number indicates the scientific programme during which the paper was written. Click on the code to see the programme details.

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
NI09022-SCH F Bunea, AB Tsybakov, MH Wegkamp Spades and mixture models
NI09023-NPA A Canestrelli, A Siviglia, M Dumbser, EF Toro Well-balanced high-order centred schemes for non-conservative hyperbolic systems. Applications to shallow water equations with fixed and mobile bed.
NI09024-CSM G Haggard, DJ Pearce, G Royle Computing Tutte polynomials
NI09025-DIS D Levi, RI Yamilov On a nonlinear integrable difference equation on the square 3D-inconsistent
NI09026-DIS D Levi, RI Yamilov The generalized symmetry method for discrete equations
NI09027-DIS F Nijhoff, J Atkinson, J Hietarinta Soliton solutions for ABS lattice equations: I Cauchy matrix approach
NI09028-DIS JJC Nimmo, SNM Ruijsenaars Tzitzeica solitons vs. relativistic Calogero-Moser 3-body clusters
NI09029-DIS PD Xenitidis, VG Papageorgiou Symmetries and integrability of discrete equations defined on a black-white lattice
NI09030-DIS P Grinevich, S Novikov Singular finite-gap operators and indefinite metric. I.
NI09031-HOP AS Fokas, V Michel Electro-magneto-encephalography for the three-Shell model: Numerical implementation for distributed current in spherical geometry
NI09032-DIS S Lobb, F Nijhoff Lagrangian multiforms and multidimensional consistency
NI09033-DIS F Calogero Integrability, analyticity, isochrony, equilibria, small oscillations and Diophantine relations
NI09034-DIS ANW Hone, M Petrera Three-dimensional discrete systems of Hirota-Kimura type and deformed Lie-Poisson algebras
NI09035-DIS J Atkinson Linear quadrilateral lattice equations and multidimensional consistency
NI09036-NCG EJ Beggs, S Majid ∗-compatible connections in noncommutative Riemannian geometry
NI09037-ALT M Bate, B Martin, G Röhrle, R Tange Closed orbits and uniform S-instability in invariant theory
NI09038-ALT M Bate, B Martin, G Röhrle, R Tange Complete reducibility and conjugacy classes of tuples in algebraic groups and Lie algebras
NI09039-PLG M Spencer, A Sangaralingam A phylogenetic mixture model for gene family loss in parasitic bacteria
Supplementary material
NI09040-DIS ANW Hone, H Lundmark, J Szmigielski Explicit multipeakon solutions of Novikov's cubically nonlinear integrable Camassa-Holm type equation
NI09041-DIS ANW Hone, MV Irle, GW Thurura On the Neimark-Sacker bifurcation in a discrete predator-prey system
NI09042-DIS ANW Hone, M Senthilvelan Note on the Poisson structure of the damped oscillator
NI09043-DIS ANW Hone, MV Irle On the non-integrability of the Popowicz peakon system
NI09044-DIS ANW Hone On non-standard numerical integration methods for biological oscillators
NI09045-DIS BF Feng, Y Ohta, K Maruno A self-adaptive mesh method for the Camassa-Holm equation
NI09046-DIS R Halburd, R Korhonen, K Tohge Holomorphic curves with shift-invariant hyperplane preimages
NI09047-DIS A Doliwa, M Nieszporski Darboux transformations for linear operators on two dimensional regular lattices
NI09048-DIS P Grinevich, S Novikov Singular finite-gap operators and indefinite metric II3
NI09049-DIS A Doliwa Desargues maps and the Hirota-Miwa equation
NI09050-DIS PE Hydon, CM Viallet Asymmetric integrable quad-graph equations
NI09051-ALT SM Goodwin, G Röhrle, G Ubly On 1-dimensional representations of finite W-algebras associated to simple Lie algebras of exceptional type
NI09052-DIS BG Konopelchenko, G Ortenzi Coisotropic deformations of algebraic varities and integrable systems
NI09053-DIS VG Papageorgiou, AG Tongas Yang-Baxter maps associated to elliptic curves
NI09054-DIS J Hietarinta, D Zhang Multisoliton solutions to the lattice Boussinesq equation
NI09055-DIS R Korhonen Difference Picard theorem for meromorphic functions of several variables
NI09056-DIS RG Halburd, R Korhonen Non-decreasing functions, exceptional sets and generalised Borel lemmas
NI09057-DIS SB Lobb, FW Nijhoff, GRW Quispel Lagrangian multiform structure for the lattice KP system
NI09058-DOE P Goos, H Großmann Optimal design of paired comparison experiments in the presence of within-pair order effects
NI09059-DIS JM Rappoport Chebyshev polynomial approximations for some hypergeometric systems
NI09060-DIS B Grammaticos, RG Halburd, A Ramani, CM Viallet How to detect the integrability of discrete systems
NI09061-DIS Y Ohyama Expansions on special solutions of the first q-Painlevé ; equation around the infinity
NI09062-DIS K Maruno, K Kajiwara The discrete potential Boussinesq equation and its multisoliton solutions
NI09063-DIS ANW Hone Analytic solutions and integrability for bilinear recurrences of order six
NI09064-DIS / ALT C Korff, C Stroppel The sl(n)k-WZNW fusion ring: A combinatorial construction and a realisation as quotient of quantum cohomology
NI09065-ALT J Brundan, C Stroppel Highest weight categories arising from Khovanov's diagram algebra II: Koszulity
NI09066-ALT J Brundan, C Stroppel Highest weight categories arising from Khovanov's diagram algebra III: Category O
NI09067-ALT J Brundan, C Stroppel Highest weight categories arising from Khovanov's diagram algebra IV: The general linear supergroup
NI09068-DIS N Joshi, PE Spicer Direct "delay" reductions of the Toda hierarchy
NI09069-DIS PE Spicer, FW Nijhoff Semi-classical Laguerre polynomials and a third order discrete integrable equation
NI09070-DIS P Kassotakis, N Joshi Integrable non-QRT mappings of the plane
NI09071-DIS F Nijhoff, J Atkinson Elliptic solutions of ABS lattice equations
NI09072-DIS J Atkinson, F Nijhoff A constructive approach to the soliton solutions of integrable quadrilateral lattice equations
NI09073-DIS PH van der Kamp Growth of degrees of integrable mappings
NI09074-NAG Y Hoshi Galois-theoretic characterization of isomorphism classes of monodromically full hyperbolic curves of genus zero

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