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Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Preprints 2006

The three-letter code attached to the preprint number indicates the scientific programme during which the paper was written. Click on the code to see the programme details.

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
NI06001-INI JFC Kingman Poisson processes revisited
NI06002-GMR M Dunajski, S West Anti-self-dual conformal structures with null Killing vectors from projective structures
NI06003-GMR M Dunajski Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton metrics from three-dimensional Einstein-Weyl structures
NI06004-MAA M Dickmann, F Miraglia Marshall's and Milnor's conjectures for preordered von Neumann regular rings
NI06005-GMR LB Szabados On a class of 2-surface observables in general relativity
NI06006-GMR L Andersson, J Metzger Curvature estimates for stable marginally trapped surfaces
NI06007-PDS M Henkel, J Unterberger Supersymmetric extensions of Schrodinger-invariance
NI06008-MAA O Belegradek, B Zilber Definable relations in the real field with a distinguished subgroup of the unit circle
NI06009-LAA K Kulesza On inverting the VMPC one-way function
NI06010-PDS F Baumann, S Stoimenov, M Henkel Local scale-invariances in the bosonic contact and pair-contact processes
NI06011-GMR CJ Fewster, MJ Pfenning Quantum energy inequalities and local covariance I: Globally hyperbolic spacetimes
NI06012-LAA J Krajíček Substitutions into propositional tautologies
NI06013-PDS RKP Zia, B Schmittmann A possible classification of nonequilibrium steady states
NI06014-PDS M Barma Driven diffusive systems with disorder
NI06015-LAA W Hodges Logics of imperfect information: why sets of assignments?
NI06016-PDS M Henkel, T Enss, M Pleimling On the identification of quasiprimary scaling operators in local scale-invariance
NI06017-LAA A Krokhin, V Dalmau Majority constraints have bounded pathwidth duality
NI06018-NPA VA Titarev, E Romenski, EF Toro Exact Riemann problem solutions and upwind fluxes for nonlinear elasticity
NI06019-LAA D Andersson, S Vorobyov Fast algorithms for monotonic discounted linear programs with two variables per inequality
NI06020-NPA R Bernetti, VA Titarev, EF Toro Exact solution of the Riemann problem for the shallow water equations with discontinuous bottom geometry
NI06021-GMR Y Choquet-Bruhat, H Friedrich Motion of isolated bodies
NI06022-LAA J Krajicek, A Skelley, N Thapen NP search problems in low fragments of bounded arithmetic
NI06023-LAA F Boerner, A Bulatov, H Chen et al The complexity of constraint satisfaction games and QCSP
NI06024-LAA G Kun, J Nesetril Forbidden lifts (NP and CSP for combinatorists)
NI06025-LAA N Alechina, D Shkatov Logics with an existential modality
NI06026-PDS MR Evans, T Hanney, SN Majumdar Interaction driven real-space condensation
NI06027-PDS K Sugden, MR Evans, WCK Poon A stochastic model for hyphal growth
NI06028-LAA W Harwood, F Moller, A Setzer Weak bisimulation approximants
NI06029-NPA LF Dinu Multidimensional wave-wave regular interactions and genuine nonlinearity: some remarks
NI06030-GMR H Friedrich Static vacuum solutions from convergent null data expansions at space-like infinity
NI06031-INI JFC Kingman Spectra of positive matrices and the Markov group conjecture
NI06032-GMR J Louko, A Satz How often does the Unruh-DeWitt detector click?
Regularisation by a spatial profile
NI06033-STP S Fournais, B Helffer Strong diamagnetism for general domains and applications
NI06034-STP B Helffer Four lectures in semiclassical analysis for non self-adjoint problems with applications to hydrodynamic instability
NI06035-PDS GM Schutz, RJ Harris Hydrodynamics of the zero-range process in the condensation regime
NI06036-NCG G Gong, Q Wang, G Yu Geometrization of the strong Novikov conjecture for residually finite groups
NI06037-LAA S Lindell A normal form for first-order logic over doubly-linked data structures
NI06038-PDS A Rakos, E Levine, D Mukamel et al Dynamical scaling for probe particles in a driven fluid
NI06039-PDS A Bar, Y Kafri, D Mukamel Loop dynamics in DNA denaturation
NI06040-LAA S Cook, J Krajicek Consequences of the Provability of NP subset P/poly
NI06041-NCG D Kreimer Dyson Schwinger equations: From Hopf algebras to number theory
NI06042-GMR J Louko, A Satz Excited by a quantum field: Does shape matter?
NI06043-NCG S Barannikov Noncommutative Batalin-Vilkovisky geometry and matrix integrals
NI06044-PEM SE Harris, PA Clarkson Painleve analysis and similarity reductions for the magma equation
NI06045-GMR Y Choquet-Bruhat, J Isenberg,
D Pollack
The constraint equations for the Einstein-scalar field system on compact manifolds
NI06046-GMR R Beig, PT Chrusciel The asymptotics of stationary electro-vacuum metrics in odd space-time dimensions
NI06047-GMR M Dafermos, AD Rendall Strong cosmic censorship for T2-symmetric cosmological spacetimes with collisionless matter
NI06048-GMR M Dunajski, S West Anti-self-dual conformal structures in neutral signature
NI06049-STP M Brozos-Vazquez, P Gilkey Complex Osserman algebraic curvature tensors and Clifford families
NI06050-GMR Y Choquet-Bruhat, J Isenberg,
D Pollack
Applications of theorems of Jean Leray to the Einstein-scalar field equations
NI06051-NPA G Vignoli, VA Titarev, EF Toro ADER schemes for the shallow water equations in channel with irregular bottom elevation
NI06052-LAA P Hell, J Nesetril On the density of Trigraph Homomorphisms
NI06053-NPA CE Castro, EF Toro Alternative solvers for the derivative Riemann problem for hyperbolic balance laws
NI06054-LAA S Dantchev, B Martin, S Szeider Parameterized proof complexity: A complexity gap for parameterized tree-like resolution
NI06055-LAA R Alur Marrying words and trees
NI06056-NCG F D’Andrea, L Dabrowski, G Landi The isospectral Dirac operator on the 4-dimensional quantum euclidean sphere
NI06057-NCG JT Stafford, M Van Den Bergh Noncommutative resolutions and rational singularities
NI06058-NCG D Rogalski, JT Stafford A class of noncommutative projective surfaces
NI06059-NCG D Rogalski, JT Stafford Naive noncommutative blowups at zero-dimensional schemes
NI06060-GMR BL Chen, PG LeFloch Injectivity radius of Lorentzian manifolds
NI06061-GMR PG LeFloch, M Yamazaki Entropy solutions of the Eular equations for isothermal relativistic fluids

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