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Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Preprints 2004

The three-letter code attached to the preprint number indicates the scientific programme during which the paper was written. Click on the code to see the programme details.

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
NI04001-IGS R van der Hofstad and G Slade Asymptotic expansions in n-1 for percolation critical values on the n-cube and Zn
NI04002-IGS R van der Hofstad and G Slade Expansion in n-1 for percolation critical values on the n-cube and Zn: the first three terms
NI04003-IGS LV Bogachev and SM Zarbaliev Approximation of convex curves by random lattice polygons
NI04004-SMC S Komura, H Shirotori and PD Olmsted et all  Lateral phase separation in mixtures of lipids and cholesterol systems
NI04005-IGS MD Penrose and JE Yukich Normal approximation in geometric probability
NI04006-IGS W Wagner Explosion phenomena in stochastic coagulation-fragmentation models
NI04007-NPA VA Titarev and EF Toro ADER schemes for the three-dimensional nonlinear hyperbolic systems
NI04008-NPA EF Toro Musta: A multi-stage numerical flux
NI04009-CPD JW Barrett, H Garcke and R Nurnberg Finite element approximation of a phase field model for surface diffusion of voids in a stressed solid
NI04010-CPD B Guo Approximation theory for the p-version of the finite element method in three dimensions in the framework of the Jacobi-weighted Besov spaces
NI04011-RMA JP Keating and F Mezzadri Random matrix theory and entanglement in quantum spin chains
NI04012-NPA E Romenski and EF Toro Compressible two-phase flows: Two-pressure models and numerical methods
NI04013-SMC TB Liverpool and MC Marchetti Bridging the microscopic and the hydrodynamic in active filament solutions
NI04014-SMC RP Sear Highly specific protein-protein interactions, evolution and negative design (Revised)
NI04015-RMA L Pastur and V Vasilchuk On the moments of traces of matrices of classical groups
NI04016-SMC R Twarock Mathematical models for tubular structures in the Papilloma-Polyoma family of viruses
NI04017-RMA CP Hughes and A Nikeghbali The zeros of random polynomials cluster uniformly near the unit circle
NI04018-SMC L-H Tang Flat histogram Monte Carlo for low temperature
NI04019-INI JFC Kingman The Poisson-Dirichlet distribution and the frequency of large prime divisors (revised)
NI04020-RMA CP Hughes Mock-Gaussian behaviour
NI04021-RMA P Heinzner, A Huckleberry and MR Zirnbauer Symmetry classes of disordered fermions
NI04022-IGS LV Bogachev Limit laws for norms of i.i.d. samples with Weibull tails
NI04023-SMC RJ Hawkins and TCB McLeish Course-grained model of entropic allostery
NI04024-CPD JW Barrett, C Schwab and E Süli Existence of global weak solutions for some polymeric flow models
NI04025-MSI DD Holm and SN Stechmann Hasimoto transformation and vortex soliton motion driven by fluid helicity
NI04026-RMA M Watkins Explicit lower bounds on the modular degree of an elliptic curve
NI04027-QIS M Watkins The universal composable security of quantum key distribution
NI04028-MRT J Drake, M Swisdak, M Shay and W Thongthai Production of energetic electrons during magnetic reconnection
NI04029-MSI F Cattaneo, NH Brummell, KS Cline What is a flux tube? On the magnetic field topology of buoyant flux structures
NI04030-MSI AD Gilbert Advected fields in maps : II. Dynamo action in the stretch-fold-shear map
NI04031-MSI AD Gilbert Advected fields in maps : III. Passive scalar decay in baker's maps
NI04032-NPA VA Titarev and EF Toro MUSTA schemes for multi-dimensional hyperbolic systems: analysis and improvements
NI04033-NPA EF Toro and VA Titarev MUSTA schemes for systems of conservation laws
NI04034-NPA E Romenski, AD Resnyansky and EF Toro  Conservative hyperbolic model for compressible two-phase flow with different phase pressures and temperatures

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