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Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Preprints 2003

The three-letter code attached to the preprint number indicates the scientific programme during which the paper was written. Click on the code to see the programme details.

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
NI03001-NST Besser A and De Jeu R The syntomic regulator for K-theory of fields
NI03002-CMP Brightwell GR and Winkler P A second threshold for the hard-core model on a Bethe lattice
NI03003-CPD Buffa A and Hiptmair R A coercive combined field integral equation for electromagnetic scattering
NI03004-CPD C Carstensen An adaptive mesh-refining algorithm allowing for an H1-stable L2-projection onto courant finite element spaces
NI03005-CPD M Ainsworth Discrete dispersion relation for hp-version finite element approximation at high wave number
NI03006-CMP M Jerrum, JB Son, P Tetali and E Vigoda Elementary bounds on Poincaré and log-Sobolev constants for decomposable Markov chains
NI03007-CPD T Huttunen, P Monk, F Collino and JP Kaipio The ultra weak variational formulation for elastic wave problems
NI03008-CPD M Ainsworth Robust a posteriori error estimation for non-conforming finite element approximation
NI03009-CMP B Bollobás and GR Brightwell How many graphs are unions of k-cliques?
NI03010-CPD C Carstensen, R Lazarov and S Tomov Explicit and averaging a posteriori error estimates for adaptive finite volume methods
NI03011-NPA EF Toro and VA Titarev TVD fluxes for the high-order ADER schemes
NI03012-NPA D Serre Hyperbolicity of the non-linear models of Maxwell's equations
NI03013-CPD T von Petersdorff and C Schwab Numerical solution of  parabolic equations in high dimensions  Accepted for publication in RAIRO Anal. Numerique (M2AN) 2003.
NI03014-NPA PG LeFloch and M Shearer Nonclassical Riemann solvers with nucleation
NI03015-NPA GQ Chen and M Feldman Steady transonic shocks and free boundary problems in infinite cylinders for the Euler equations
NI03016-CPD D Boffi and L Gastaldi Stability and geometric conservation laws for ALE formulations
NI03017-CPD F Brezzi, LD Marini and A Russo On the choice of a stabilizing subgrid for convection-diffusion problems
NI03018-NPA D Drikakis Advances in turbulent flow computations using high-resolution methods.   Review paper, accepted
for publication in the Journal Progress in Aerospace Sciences (Copyright © 2003 Elsevier Science Ltd.)
NI03019-CPD M Costabel, M Dauge and S Nicaise Singularities of eddy current problems
NI03020-CPD PJ Davies and DB Duncan Stability and convergence of collocation schemes for retarded potential integral equations
NI03021-NPA H Li and P Marcati Existence and asymptotic behavior of multi-dimensional quantum hydrodynamic model for semiconductors
NI03022-NPA E Romenski, D Zeidan, A Slaouti and EF Toro Hyperbolic conservative model for compressible two-phase flow
NI03023-CPD K Eriksson, C Johnson and A Logg On explicit time-stepping for stiff odes
NI03024-NPA PG LeFloch and MD Thanh The Riemann problem for fluid flows in a nozzle with discontinuous cross section
NI03025-NPA P Goatin and PG LeFloch The Riemann problem for a class of resonant hyperbolic systems of balance laws
NI03026-NPA E Romenski and EF Toro Shock waves in compressible two-phase flows
NI03027-CPD K Mikula Computational solution, applications and analysis of some geometrical nonlinear diffusion equations
NI03028-CPD AK Pani, JY Yuan and PD Damázio On linearized backward Euler method for the equations of motion arising in the Oldroyd model
NI03029-CPD J Sun, F Collino, PB Monk and L Wang An eddy current and micromagnetism model with applications to disk write heads
NI03030-CPD B Guo and N Heuer The optimal convergence of the h-p version of the boundary element method with quasiuniform meshes for elliptic problems on polygonal domains
NI03031-NPA VA Titarev Towards fully conservative numerical methods for the nonlinear model Boltzmann equation
NI03032-NPD VA Galaktionov On higher-order viscosity approximations of one-dimensional conservation laws
NI03033-SFM MH Rosas and BE Sagan Symmetric functions in noncommuting variables
NI03034-CPD K Deckelnick and CM Elliott Uniqueness and error analysis for Hamilton-Jacobi equations with discontinuities
NI03035-CPD B Guo Best approximation for the p-version of the finite element method in three dimensions in the framework of the Jacobi-weighted Besov spaces
NI03036-CPD AK Pani and JY Yuan Semidiscrete finite element Galerkin approximations to the equations of motion arising in the Oldroyd method
NI03037-NPA EF Toro Multi-stage predictor-corrector fluxes for hyperbolic equations
NI03038-CMP G Grimmett The random-cluster model
NI03039-CMP G Grimmett and S Janson On smallest triangles
NI03040-CMP G Grimmett and S Winkler Negative correlation of edge events on uniform spanning forests
NI03041-CPD O Lakkis and RH Nochetto A posteriori error analysis for the mean curvature flow of graphs
NI03042-CPD CM Elliott, D Kay and V Styles Finite element analysis of a current density - electric field formulation of Bean's model for superconductivity
NI03043-CPD M Ainsworth Dispersive behaviour of high order discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods
NI03044-CPD CM Elliott, B Gawron, S Maier-Paape and ES Van Vleck Discrete dynamics for convex and non-convex smoothing functionals in PDE based image restoration
NI03045-CPD A Spira and R Kimmel An efficient solution to the Eikonal equation on parametric manifolds
NI03046-NPA GQ Chen and EF Toro Centred schemes for nonlinear hyperbolic equations
NI03047-CPD BD Bonner, IG Graham and VP Smyshlyaev The computation of conical diffraction coefficients in high-frequency acoustic wave scattering
NI03048-CPD  A Bermúdez, P Gamallo and R Rodríguez Finite element methods in local active control of sound
NI03049-CPD S Langdon and SN Chandler-Wilde A wavenumber independent boundary element method for an acoustic scattering problem
NI03050-CPD JM Melenk HP-interpolation of non-smooth functions
NI03051-CPD JW Barrett and Robert Nürnberg Finite element approximation of a degenerate Stefan problem with Joule heating
NI03052-NPA VA Titarev and EF Toro Eno and Weno schemes based on upwind and centred TVD fluxes
NI03053-CPD L Prigozhin and V Sokolovsky AC losses in type-II superconductors induced by non-uniform fluctuations of external magnetic field
NI03054-NPA GQ Chen and M Feldman Free boundary problems and transonic shocks for the Euler equations in unbounded problems
NI03055-CPD P Monk and GR Richter A discontinuous Galerkin method for linear symmetric hyperbolic systems in inhomogeneous media
NI03056-IGS W König and P Mörters Brownian intersection local times: exponential moments and law of large masses
NI03057-NPA VA Titarev and EF Toro Finite-volume WENO schemes for three-dimensional conservation laws
NI03058-CPD Z Chen and G Ji Sharp L1 a posteriori error analysis for nonlinear convection diffusion problems
NI03059-CPD K Deckelnick, G Dziuk and CM Elliott Fully discrete semi-implicit second order splitting for ansiotropic surface diffusion of graphs
NI03060-GPF S Faria and S Kipfstuhl Preferred slip band orientations and bending observed in the Dome Concordia ice core
NI03061-CPD JW Barrett and JF Blowey Finite element approximation of a nonlinear cross-diffusion population model
NI03062-CPD W Dörfler and M Ainsworth Reliable a Posteriori error control for non-conforming finite element approximation of Stokes flow
NI03063-NPA VA Titarev and EF Toro ADER schemes for scalar hyperbolic conservation laws in three space dimensions
NI03064-GPF AJ Hogg and D Pritchard The effects of hydraulic resistance on dam-break and other shallow inertial flows
NI03065-IGS SA Klokov and AY Veretennikov Mixing and convergence rates for a family of Markov processes approximating SDEs
NI03066-IGS AY Veretennikov On ergodic measures for McKean-Vlasov stochastic equations
NI03067-CPD A Lasis and E Süli Poincaré-type inequalities for broken Sobolev spaces
NI03068-CPD A Lasis and E Süli HP-version discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods for semilinear parabolic problems
NI03069-CPD C Bahriawati and C Carstensen Three matlab implementations of the lowest-order Raviart-Thomas MFEM with a posteriori error control
NI03070-CPD C Carstensen and D Praetorius Effective stimulation of a macroscopic model for stationary micromagnetics
NI03071-GPF PM Reis, T Mullin and G Ehrhardt Segregation phases in a vibrated binary granular layer
NI03072-GPF K Hutter, Y Wang and SP Pudasaini The Savage-Hutter avalanche model.  How far can it be pushed?
NI03073-NPA LF Dinu Shock-turbulence interaction: an exhaustively classifying linearized approach
NI03074-GPF SP Pudasaini and K Hutter Rapid motion of free-surface avalanches over natural terrains and their simulations through curved and twisted channels
NI03075-IGS EA Perchersky, YM Suhov and ND Vvedenskaya Large deviation in a two-servers system with dynamic routing
NI03076-GPF AJ Hogg and D Pritchard Cross-shore suspended sediment transport under tidal currents
NI03077-GPF VA Chugunov, JMNT Gray and K Hutter Exact solutions of the Savage-Hutter equations for one-dimensional granular flows
NI03078-IGS G Ben Arous, LV Bogachev and SA Molchanov Limit theorems for random exponentials
NI03079-IGS AY Veretennikov On ergodic measures for  McKean-Vlasov stochastic equations 2
NI03080-GPF JT Jenkins and MA Koenders The incremental response of random aggregates of identical round particles
NI03081-GPF JT Jenkins and MA Koenders Hydrodynamic interaction of rough spheres 
NI03082-GPF M Davis, H-J Köhler, MA Koenders and R Schwab Hydraulic failure and soil-structure deformation due to wave and draw down loading
NI03083-GPF K M Hákonardóttir, A J Hogg and J Batey Flying avalanches
NI03084-NPA M Feldman, S-Y Ha and M Slemrod A Geometric level-set formulation of a plasma-sheath interface
NI03085-IGS B Tóth and B Valkó Perturbation of singular equilibria of hyperbolic two-component systems: a universal hydrodynamic limit
NI03086-IGS C Maes On the origin and the use of Fluctuation relations for the entropy
NI03087-CPD S Bartels, C Carstensen, K Hackl and U Hoppe Effective relaxation for microstructure simulations: algorithms and applications
NI03088-IGS M D Penrose Random Minimal directed spanning trees and Dickman-type distributions
NI03089-GPF P M Reis, G Ehrhardt, A Stephenson and T Mullin Gases, liquids and crystals in granular segregation

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