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Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Preprints 2002

The three-letter code attached to the preprint number indicates the scientific programme during which the paper was written. Click on the code to see the programme details.

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
NI02001-ITS ANW Hone Tau-functions and special solutions in a coupled Painlevé system
NI02002-MTH D Marolf and SF Ross Stringy negative-tension branes and the second law of thermodynamics
NI02003-INI JFC Kingman Stochastic aspects of Lanchester's theory of warfare
NI02004-HDG S Kovács Vanishing theorems, boundedness and hyperbolicity over higher dimensional bases
NI02005-MTH JP Gauntlett, N Kim and S Pakis et al M-Theory solutions with AdS factors
NI02006-HDG S Kebekus and S Kovács Are minimal degree rational curves determined by their tangent vectors?
NI02007-HDG K Hulek and GK Sankaran The nef cone of toroidal compactifications of A4
NI02008-HDG VV Batyrev and EN Materov Toric residues and mirror symmetry
NI02009-MTH M Cvetić and ND Lambert Effective supergravity for supergravity domain walls
NI02010-MTH M Cvetić, P Langacker and G Shiu Phenomenology of a three-family standard-like string model
NI02011-MTH M Cvetić, P Langacker and G Shiu A three-family standard-like orientfold model: Yukawa couplings and hierarchy
NI02012-MTH C Bachas Asymptotic symmetries of AdS2 branes
NI02013-MTH G Moore and N Saulina T-duality and the K theoretic partition function of type IIA superstring theory
NI02014-MTH G Moore Strings in time-dependent orbifolds
NI02016-MTH M Cvetić, GW Gibbons and H Lu et al Special holonomy spaces and M-theory
NI02017-MTH FA Brito, M Cvetić and A Naqvi Singularity resolution and gravitational Chern-Simons terms
NI02018-MTH M Cvetić, GW Gibbons and H Lu et al Bianchi IX self-dual Einstein metrics and singular G2 manifolds
NI02019-MTH JM Drummond, PS Howe and U Lindström Kappa-symmetric non-abelian Born-Infeld actions in three dimensions
NI02020-HDG C Madonna and VV Nikulin On a classical correspondence between K3 surfaces
NI02021-HDG VV Batyrev and EN Materov Mixed toric residues and Calabi-Yau complete intersections
NI02022-HDG E Gasparim Two applications of instanton numbers
NI02023-FMS D Weaire, N Kern and SJ Cox Periodicity of cell pressures in periodic foams
NI02024-CMP S Janson Large deviations for sums of partly dependent random variables
NI02025-CMP M Karonski, T Luczak and A Thomason Edge weights and vertex colours
NI02026-NST VP Snaith Stark's conjecture and new Stickelberger phenomena
NI02027-CMP S Janson and E Mossel Robust reconstruction on trees is determined by the second eigenvalue
NI02028-NST A Case and V Snaith Explicit Brauer induction and the Glauberman correspondence
NI02029-NST O Nieße and V Snaith Explicit Brauer induction for symplectic and orthogonal retresentations
NI02030-NST JF Jardine Cubical homotopy theory: a beginning
NI02031-NST L Hesselholt Galois cohomology of Witt vectors of algebraic integers
NI02032-NST D Burns, B Köck and V Snaith Refined l-adic Euler characteristics of nearly perfect complexes
NI02033-CMP L Stougie A polynomial bound on the diameter of the transportation polytope
NI02034-NST JF Jardine Generalised sheaf cohomology theories
NI02035-CMP S Janson, K Oleszkiewicz and A Ruciński Upper tails for subgraph counts in random graphs
NI02036-NST VP Snaith The upper triangular group and operations in algebraic K-theory
NI02037-NST VP Snaith Relative K0, annihilators, Fitting ideals and Stickelberger phenomena
NI02038-INI JFC Kingman Powers and products of regenerative phenomena
NI02039-NST JE McClure and JH Smith Cosimplicial objects and little n-cubes .I.
NI02040-CMP C Greenhill, A Ruciński and NC Wormald Random hypergraph processes with degree restrictions
NI02041-NST V Snaith Galois structure of vanishing cycles
NI02042-CMP W Fernandez de la Vega, M Karpinski and C Kenyon Polynomial time approximation schemes for metric MIN-BISECTION
NI02043-CMP LA Goldberg, R Martin and M Paterson Random sampling of 3-colourings in z2*
NI02044-CMP J Van den Heuvel and L Stougie A quadratic bound on the diameter of the transportation polytype
NI02045-CMP D Stark The vertex degree distribution of random intersection graphs
NI02046-CMP W Fernandez de la Vega, M Karpinski, C Kenyon and Y Rabani Approximation schemes for clustering problems in finite metrics and high dimensional spaces
NI02047-CMP M Karpinski On approximability of minimum bisection problem
NI02048-INI JFC Kingman Extremal problems for regenerative phenomena<
NI02049-NST JPC Greenlees Rational torus-equivariant stable homotopy I calculating groups of stable maps
NI02050-NST JPC Greenlees Rational torus-equivariant stable homotopy II the algebra of localization and inflation
NI02051-NST JF Jardine Simplicial approximation
NI02052-NST M Ando The sigma orientation for analytic circle equivariant elliptic cohomology
NI02053-CMP W Fernandez de la Vega and Marek Karpinski 9/8- Approximation Algorithm for Random MAX-3SAT
NI02054-NST A Baker and B Richter Γ-Cohomology of rings of numerical polynomials and E[Infinity] structures on K-Theory
NI02055-CMP László Lovász and Santosh Vempala The geometry of logoncave functions and an 0* (n3) sampling algorithm
NI02056-CMP László Lovász and Santosh Vempala Hit-and-run is fast and fun
NI02057-CMP A Járai Invasion percolation and the incipient infinite cluster in 2D
NI02058-NST Thomas Geisser and Lars Hesselholt The de Rham-Witt complex and p-adic vanishing cycles
NI02059-CMP N Fountoulakis On the structure of the core of sparse random graphs

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