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Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Preprints 2001

The three-letter code attached to the preprint number indicates the scientific programme during which the paper was written. Click on the code to see the programme details.

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
NI01001-SGT S Janesko and M Mikosz Generic geometry of symplectic relations
NI01002-SFM JR Stembridge Combinatorial models for Weyl characters
NI01003-SFM JR Stembridge A weighted enumeration of maximal chains in the Bruhat order
NI01004-NPD P Guan and X Ma Christoffel-Minkowski problem I: Hessian equations on Sn
NI01005-NPD B Guan and P Guan Convex hypersurfaces of prescribed curvature
NI01006-GTF AD Gilbert Magnetic helicity in fast dynamos
NI01007-NPD NS Trudinger and XJ Wang On locally convex hypersurfaces with boundary
NI01008-NPD J Urbas Monotonicity formuleu and curvature equations
NI01009-NPD OC Schnürer and K Smoczyk Neumann and second boundary value problems for Hessian and Gauss curvature flows
NI01010-SFM M Olshanetsky Solutions of the periodic Toda lattice via the projection procedure and by the algebra-geometric method
NI01011-SFM A Ram and A Shepler Classification of graded Hecke algebras for complex reflection groups
NI01012-SFM A Lascoux About division by 1
NI01013-SFM A Lascoux The Newton interpolation formula, with more variables
NI01014-SFM S Fomin and A Zelevinsky The Laurent phenomenon
NI01015-SFM JF Van Diejen and VP Spiridonov Elliptic Selberg integrals
NI01016-SGT M Tibar Connectivity via nongeneric pencils
NI01017-SFM G Duchamp, F Hivert and J-Y Thibon Noncommutative symmetric functions VI: Free quasi-symmetric functions and related algebras
NI01018-SGT V Vassiliev Combinatorial computation of combinatorial formulas for knot invariants
NI01019-NPD EN Dancer and S Yan On the profile of the changing elliptic sign mountain pass solutions for an elliptic problem
NI01020-SFM M Haiman Vanishing theorems and character formulas for the Hilbert scheme of points in the plane
NI01021-NPD H-D Cao, G Tian and X Zhu Kähler-Ricci solitons on compact manifolds with c1 (M) > 0
NI01022-NPD C Beck Dynamical foundations of nonextensive statistical mechanics
NI01023-NPD C Beck Non-additivity of Tsallis entropies and fluctuations of temperature
NI01024-NPD C Beck On the small-scale statistics of Lagrangian turbulence
NI01025-NPD C Beck Chaotic strings and standard model parameters
NI01026-SFM C Kriloff and A Ram Representations of graded Hecke algebras
NI01027-SGT M Tibar Singularities and topology of meromorphic functions
NI01028-SFM A Sergeev Projective Schur functions as a bispherical functions on certain homogenous superspaces
NI01029-SGT M Tibar Topology of Lefschetz in complex and symplectic geometry
NI01030-SFM A Lascoux and J-Y Thibon Vertex operators and the class algebras of symmetric groups
NI01031-SFM CF Dunkl and EM Opdam Dunkl operators for complex reflection groups
NI01032-SFM R Orellana and A Ram Affine braids, Markov traces and the category O
NI01033-SFM A Sergeev Superanalogs of the Calogero operators and Jack polynomials
NI01034-SFM AU Klimyk The q- deformed algebra U'q(SOn) related to Macdonald symmetric polynomials
NI01035-SFM F Hivert, A Lascoux and J-Y Thibon Noncommutative symmetric functions and quasi-symmetric functions with two and more parameters
NI01036-SFM S Fishel, I Grojnowski and C Teleman The strong Macdonald conjecture
NI01037-NPD NM Ivochkina On evolutionary laws, inducing convex surfaces to shrink to a point
NI01038-NPD EN Dancer and Y Du On a free boundary problem arising from population biology
NI01039-NPD P Hanlon and M Wachs On the property M conjecture for the Heisenberg Lie algebra
NI01040-SFM A Bjorner and M Wachs Geometrically constructed bases for homology of partition lattices of types A, B and D
NI01041-GTF T Kambe Geometrical theory of dynamical systems and fluid flows
NI01042-SFM JF Van Diejen and VP Spiridonov Modular hypergeometric residue sums of elliptic Selberg integrals
NI01043-NPD JF Rodrigues Reaction-diffusion: From systems to nonlocal equations in a class of free boundary problems
NI01044-SFM T Halverson and A Ram q-rook monoid algebras, Hecke algebras, and Schur-Weyl duality
NI01045-ITS VS Matveev projectively equivalent Riemannian metrics on the torus
NI01046-NPD U Cegrell Convergence in capacity
NI01047-GTF AD Gilbert Advected fields in maps: I. Magnetic flux growth in the stretch-fold-shear map
NI01048-ITS VM Buchstaber, JC Eilbeck and VZ Enolskii et all Multidimensional Schrödinger equations with Abelian potentials
NI01049-ICB EJ Crampin, WW Hackborn and PK Maini et all Pattern formation in reaction diffusion models with nonuniform domain growth
NI01050-NPD H-J Kuo and NS Trudinger Schauder estimates for fully nonlinear elliptic difference operators
NI01051-ITS SNM Ruijsenaars Reflectionless analytic difference operators III. Hilbert space aspects
NI01052-ITS A Degasperis, SV Manakov and PM Santini On the initial-boundary value problem for soliton equations
NI01053-ITS D Levi and P Winternitz Lie point symmetries and commuting flows for equations on lattices
NI01054-ICB HA Levine, S Pamuk and BD Sleeman et all Mathematical modelling of tumour angiogensis and the action of angiostatin as a protease inhibitor
NI01055-ICB P Maini Making sense of complex phenomena in biology
NI01056-ICB P Maini A mathematical model for germinal centre kinetics and affinity maturation
NI01057-ITS A Degasperis, DD Holm and ANW Hone A new integrable equation with peakon solutions
NI01058-ITS B Konopelchenko and L Martínez Alonso Nonlinear dynamics on the plane and integrable hierarchies of infinitesimal deformations
NI01059-ITS M Mañas, L Martínez Alonso and E Medina Reductions and hodograph solutions of the dispersionless KP hierarchy

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