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Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Preprints 2000

The three-letter code attached to the preprint number indicates the scientific programme during which the paper was written. Click on the code to see the programme details.

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
NI00001-SMM KZ Markov Justification of an effective field method in elasto-statics of heterogeneous solids
NI00002-SCE YY Lobanov and VD Rushai Studying the evolution of open quantum systems via conditional Wiener integrals
NI00003-SCE J-G Wang and G-S Tian Spin and charged gaps in strongly correlated electron systems with negative or positive couplings
NI00004-SCE FV Kusmartsev Conducting electron strings in oxides
NI00005-ERN SG Dani On ergodic Zd actions on Lie groups by automorphisms
NI00006-SMM V Nesi and G Alessandrini Univalence s -harmonic mappings and applications
NI00007-SCE X Dai, T Xiang, T-K Ng et al Probing superconducting phase fluctuations from the current noise spectrum of pseudogaped metal-superconductor tunnel junctions
NI00008-ERN B Hasselblatt Hyperbolic dynamical systems 
NI00009-SCE J Lou, S Quin, T-K Ng et al Topological effects at short antiferromagnetic Heisenberg chains
NI00010-SCE V Zlatic and J Freericks Theory of valence transitions in Ytterbium-based compounds 
NI00011-ERN A Iozzi and D Witte Cartan-decomposition subgroups of SU(2,n) 
NI00012-ERN D Witte and L Lifschitz On automorophisms of arithmetic subgroups of unipotent groups in positive characteristic
NI00013-ERN D Witte Homogeneous Lorentz manifold with simple isometry group 
NI00014-SGT R Uribe-Vargas Global theorems on vertices and flattenings of closed curves 
NI00015-SGT EA Bartolo, P Cassou-Nogués, I Luengo et al Monodromy conjecture for some surface singularities 
NI00016-SGT IG Scherbak Boundary singularities and non-crystallographic Coxeter groups
NI00017-SGT K Houston On the classification and topology of complex map-germs of corank one and Ae-codimension one
NI00018-SGT PJ Topalov and VS Matveev Geodesic equivalence via integrability 
NI00019-GTF S Friedlander On vortex tube stretching and instabilities in an inviscid fluid
NI00020-SGT VD Sedykh Some invariants of admissible homotopies of space curves
NI00021-SGT IA Bogaevsky Singularities of linear waves in plane and space 
NI00022-SGT S Izumiya Generating families of developable surfaces in R3
NI00023-SGT S Izumiya and N Takeuchi Special curves and ruled surfaces 
NI00024-GTF S Friedlander and A Shnirelman Instability of steady flows of an ideal incompressible fluid
NI00025-SGT M Saito, T Takebe and H Terajima Deformation of Okamoto-Painlevé pairs and Painlevé equations
NI00026-GTF AA Himonas and G Misiolek A'priori estimates for higher order multipliers on a circle
NI00027-SGT P Orro and D Trotman Cône normal et régularités de Kuo-Verdier 
NI00028-SGT M Kazarian On Lagrange and symmetric degeneracy loci 
NI00029-SGT M Kazarian Thom polynomials for Lagrange, Legendre and critical point singularities
NI00030-GTF D Kivotides, JC Vassilicos, DC Samuels et al Kelvin waves cascade in superfluid turbulence 
NI00031-SGT S Izumiya, D Pei and T Sano Singularities of hyperbolic Gauss maps
NI00032-SGT VA Vassiliev On combinatorial formulas for cohomology of spaces and knots
NI00033-GTF DL Rapoport Stochastic differential geometry and the random flows of viscous and magnetized fluids in smooth manifolds and Euclidean spaces
NI00034-SGT AB Merkov Vassiliev invariants classify plane curves and doodles
NI00035-GTF V Vladimirov, HK Moffatt, PA Davidson et al On the stability of a rigid body in magnetostatic equilibrium
NI00036-SGT V Gritsenko and V Nikulin A lecture about classification of Lorentzian Kac-Moody algebras of the rank three
NI00037-SGT S Anisov Upper bounds for the complexity of some 3-dimensional manifolds
NI00038-GTF L Kauffman Quantum computing and the Jones polynomial
NI00039-SGT M Kazarian Classifying spaces of singularities and Thom polynomials
NI00040-SGT VA Vassiliev Homology of spaces of knots in any dimensions
NI00041-SGT VA Vassiliev Resolutions of discriminants and topology of their components
NI00042-GTF I Mezic An extension of Prendtl-Batchelor closed streamline theory and consequences for chaotic advection
NI00043-SGT M Zhitomirskii Germs of integral curves in contact 3-space, plane and space curves
NI00044-CCP SJ Lomonaco, Jr. A Rosetta Stone for quantum mechanics: lecture notes for the AMS short course on quantum computation - Washington DC, USA 17-18 January 2000, Version 1.3

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