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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Participation in Institute Programmes

Almost all events at the Institute are open to anyone who would like to come along. The Institute is particularly eager that UK mathematicians and scientists should feel able to take part in the activities whether or not they are formal long-term participants in a programme. The Junior Membership scheme of the Institute also encourages young UK participants. It is always possible to check seminar/event details before starting your journey by inspecting the Institute web-site, or by phoning the Institute directly (contact details here). Various automatic email lists are available to sign-up for regular postings regarding particular programmes or for general information and news. We are eager to receive any suggestions or comments that would help us to improve the quality or timeliness of information we provide.

For some workshops and special events you are asked to register in advance; this is only required when we are concerned about overall numbers. Information about workshops or events usually includes details on how to register. If in doubt, do contact us for advice.

For a very short visit (just one or two days) you can simply turn up at the Institute unannounced and sign in at the Reception desk. More details are available here.

Invitations for longer-term participation in Institute programmes are made on the recommendation of the academic organisers of each programme. The number of invitations that can be issued is limited both by financial and by space considerations, and in normal circumstances almost all resources are committed a considerable time before the start of the programme. Enquiries about invitations are best made to the organisers of the programmes in the first instance. Contact details for organisers may be found in the "Contacts" section of the pages for the programme you are interested in at

All programmes have funds available to support visits of intermediate length (a few days to a couple of months) from both UK and overseas participants, and these are usually allocated after the main shape of the programme has been determined. Participants may be, at the discretion of the organisers, given a daily allowance towards subsistence (accommodation and food). The maximum level is agreed by the Inland Revenue and some participants will be asked to try and find partial support themselves. Participants should be aware that housing in Cambridge is very expensive. It is best to contact the organisers directly in the first instance, but you should also feel free to contact the Institute directly on if this is more convenient.

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