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Open for Business Event

Maths Underpinning Energy workshop

12 March 2012

Organiser: Stan Zachary (Heriot-Watt University)

There will be a one-day meeting on 12 March to discuss mathematical, statistical and economic challenges arising in the management and control of future energy systems. Problems of interest include the prediction and integration of variable and uncertain resources such as those arising from the use of renewables, the buffering and storage of electrical energy, demand management, the prediction of critical time scales, and problems imposed by transmission network constraints.

The meeting arises as a result of various current EPSRC projects in these areas, some of which have been facilitated by the ongoing support of the Institute. It will consist of a series of short talks and presentations from those involved in the above projects and from industry representatives, and will allow ample time for further discussion and networking. All are most welcome to attend. However, In order to facilitate catering arrangements, please register your intention to do so with Stan Zachary ( - to whom further enquiries may also be addressed.

This event is a followup meeting from the Stochastic Processes in Communication Sciences (SCS) programme

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