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Medical Imaging day

23 August 2011

Organisers: Adrian Nachmann (Toronto), Malcolm Brown (Cardiff), and Robert Leese (Oxford).

This event is an Open for Business event is embedded in the workshop Analytic and Geometric Methods in Medical Imaging which is part of the Inverse Problems (INV) programme.

The afternoon will include presentations by a range of distinguished speakers from academia, clinical practice and medical imaging companies. Tissue images never before seen will be shown. These have been the result of research on next generation hybrid imaging modalities and the solution of the corresponding inverse problems. New mathematical registration techniques are at the core of a comercial product aimed at colorectal cancer prevention. As well, imaging is used in novel approaches to drug development. These lectures aim to encourage exchange of information and discussion on possible collaboration between academia and industry on future challenges in medical imaging.

Video are now available

Please note: Participants who are attending the Analytic and Geometric Methods in Medical Imaging workshop do not need to register separately for this event. You will be registered automatically through the workshop.

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