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Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

A Gateway to Mathematics at INI: An Invitation

To bring academic researchers in the mathematical sciences into contact with industrial, commercial and government organizations and individuals, the Isaac Newton Institute has obtained sponsorship for a series of special events to be run through its new Gateway to Mathematics initiative.

The intention is to provide opportunities, especially for early career (postgraduate and postdoctoral) researchers, from across a spectrum of disciplines but working on projects with significant mathematical content to interact with industrial, commercial and government organizations and individuals, through a series of one and half-day meetings on topics yet to be chosen, over the four days 25-28 March, 2013. These meetings should be highly interactive with up to 50 funded participants per day.

The purpose is to facilitate cross-fertilisation between applications and mathematical research by:

This is an invitation to you to become involved by suggesting topics and individuals or organisations who might participate in some of these events. This invitation is not proscriptive. Rather its intention is to encourage invention and creativity, and to develop leadership skills.

In your replies, please indicate

INI will work with proposers of successful submissions to develop their ideas and will organise the meeting, including the issuing of invitations, the arrangement of accommodation and budgetary matters.

Please submit your ideas, on no more than two sides of A4 in the first instance, in an email to by Sunday 14th October 2012. If your suggestion is chosen we will be in contact to develop the idea.

John Toland, Director, INI

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