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Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Funding of the Newton Institute

Running costs

The Institute runs four major research programmes each year as well as a number of workshops and outreach activities. Operating costs are 2.3 million per annum. This amount includes the costs of the Institute itself as well as the living allowances and housing costs of the visiting mathematical scientists and contributions towards stipends and travel expenses. An individual programme typically costs around 550,000 to run. Further details are contained in the Institute's Annual Reports.

Sources of funding

Approximately 70% of the Institute's funding is provided by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) under a grant that expires early in 2014. The balance comes from other grants and donations and from income on 6 million of reserves and endowment provided by the University of Cambridge and its Colleges as well as foundations, companies and individuals.

Trinity College (through the Isaac Newton Trust) has committed more than 2 million over the lifetime of the Institute. St John's College, which owns the Institute's building, provided a rental subsidy of 750,000 to cover most of the first 5 years' rent. The building has now been leased to Cambridge University which allows the Institute to use it rent-free.

The Institute benefits from substantial donations made by NM Rothschild & Sons and by the Dill Faulkes Educational Trust. It has received important support from other Research Councils in the UK, CNRS (for support of French participants), PF Charitable Trust (for support of participants from Scottish institutions), the Leverhulme Trust, the London Mathematical Society, the Garfield Weston Foundation, the David Harding Foundation, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft Research and Henderson Group.

Many other individuals and companies have generously supported the Institute. Donors are listed in the Annual Report for the relevant year.

Further information on supporting mathematical science at the Newton Institute is available on our webpage Supporting the Institute.

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