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Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Follow-up Meetings

people at a meetingThe Institute is constantly seeking ways to extend and add value to its programmes. To this end, Follow-up Meetings are short events which compliment full programmes that were held some years earlier. These are proving increasingly popular with programme organisers because of how they provide an effective way to strengthen collaborations started during the original programmes and are particularly beneficial because the true implications of results may emerge from developments only years after a programme has finished. Follow-up Meetings take place either at the Institute or at suitable venues anywhere in the UK.

Upcoming Follow-up Meetings

19 May - 6 Jun 2014 Infectious Disease Dynamics (IDD Follow-up Meeting) IDF
6-10 July 2015 Design and Analysis of Experiments in Healthcare (DAE Follow-up Meeting) DAE

Previous Follow-up Meetings

24-28 February 2014 Foams and Minimal Surfaces - 12 Years On FMS
10-14 February 2014 INV Follow-up Meeting INV
7 February 2014 LMS meeting on "Sparse Regularisation for Inverse Problems" (INV Follow-up Meeting) INV
5 - 7 February 2014 Satellite Meeting held at LMS, DeMorgan House, London MFE
12-16 August 2013 Modern Probabilistic Techniques for Design, Stability, Large Deviations, and Performance Analysis of Communication, Social, Energy, and Other Stochastic Systems and Networks SCS
8-12 July 2013 Discrete Integrable Systems - A Follow-up Meeting DIS
1-5 July 2013 2nd Conference on Dense Granular Flows (Organised by IMA) GPF
22-26 April 2013 Energy Systems Week: Management of Variability and Uncertainty in Energy Systems SCS
17-21 September 2012 Mathematics and Physics of Disordered Systems MPA
10-14 September 2012 Stochastic Partial Differential Equations (SPDEs) SPD
16-20 April 2012 Noncommutative Geometry (A Satellite Meeting at Cardiff University) NCG
12-16 September 2011 Perspectives in Algebraic Lie Theory ALT
8-10 July 2011 4th Cardiac Physiome Meeting: Multi-scale and Multi-physics Mathematical Modelling Applied to the Heart (A Satellite Meeting at Merton College, Oxford) CPP
20-24 June 2011 Phylogenetics: New data, new Phylogenetic challenges PLG
4-8 April 2011 Computational Challenges in Partial Differential Equations (A Satellite Meeting at University of Swansea) CPD
12-17 September 2010 Highly Oscillatory Problems: From Theory to Applications HOP
26-30 July 2010 Analysis on Graphs and its Applications AGA
5-9 January 2009 Dense Granular Flows (Organised by IMA) GPF
21-25 July 2008 Logic and Algorithms (A Satellite Meeting at ICMS) LAA
9-13 July 2007 Further Developments in Quantitative Finance (A Satellite Meeting at ICMS) DQF
9-20 October 2006 Global Problems in Mathematical Relativity II GMR
2-5 October 2006 Dynamics of Complex Fluids: 10 Years On DCF