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Name Title Abstract
T Clark Bayesian logistic regression using a perfect phylogeny Abstract
P Fearnhead Learning about fine-scale recombination rates from population data Abstract
V Gowri-Shankar Base frequency parameters in statistical phylogenetic inference Abstract
A-M Hein A fully Bayesian method for estimating gene expression levels from Affymetrix GeneChip arrays Abstract
C Kosiol Protein sequence evolution: Markov or non-Markov? Abstract
C Lange On family-based association tests: a nonparametric test for repeatedly measured quantitative traits confounded by unknown environmental effects, polygenetic factors and other unknown covariates Abstract
A Loytynoja A hidden Markov model of evolution and structure for multiple sequence alignment Abstract
G McEwen Statistical methodologies for detecting non-coding RNAs in vertebrate genomes Abstract
T Nye Analysing and predicting contracts between domains in interacting proteins Abstract
J Schaefer A practical approach to inferring graphical models from sparse microarray data Abstract
D Wild Classical and Bayesian approaches to reconstructing genetic regulatory networks with hidden factors Abstract
Z Yang High posterior probabilities for trees Abstract

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