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Accepted Posters

Name Title Abstract
M Anisimova Statistical tests for tree branches: parametric or non-parametric? Abstract
D Balding Identifying adaptive genetic divergence among populations from genome scans Abstract
J Birrell Quantifying the notion of 'Clumpiness' within alignments obtained from blast similarity searches Abstract
A Boulesteix A CART-based approach to discover emerging patterns in micrarray data Abstract
L Coin Improved techniques for the identification of pseudogenes Abstract
T Down Sparse Bayesian learning for analysis of biological sequences Abstract
A Fuehrer Properties of quartet puzzling Abstract
T Garske Maximum principle and mutation thresholds for models of haploid populations Abstract
S Grossmann Scoring the conservation of putative regulatory elements Abstract
B Leong A machine learning strategy to extract exonic splice enhancers from protein-coding sequences Abstract
A Lewin Mixture modelling of gene expression data Abstract
L Meligkotsidou Maximum likelihood estimation of coalescence times in genealogical trees Abstract
G Nicosia Protein folding as a multi-objective optimisation problem Abstract
A Thomas Graphical modeling of the joint distribution of alleles at associated loci. Abstract
V Vinciotti Loop versus reference design for microarray experiments Abstract
D Wilkinson Bayesian inference for stochastic kinetic genetic networks Abstract

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