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Seminar Room 1

Seminar Room 1 is located in the main Institute building and can accommodate an audience of 107 seated at tables.

Chalk Boards

There are six chalk boards (four horizontally, two more above the central pair). The four central boards are semi-obscured by the main computer projection screen when it is in use. The two chalk boards at the side of the room may be partially obscured if the transparency projectors (OHP) are being used. Supplies of chalk, board erasers and OHP pens are found underneath the presentation tables.

Computer Presentations

VGA Connector

Laptop computers can be connected to a central, ceiling-mounted data projector, via a standard VGA connector (pictured). Macintosh users are reminded to bring their own VGA display adaptor. For best results, connect the computer to the projector first, and then switch the computer on. The optimal screen display resolution is 1024x768 @ 60Hz.

If you do not wish to use your own computer, the Institute has a laptop specifically for use in the seminar room. Presentations can be transferred to the INI laptop using a USB device or if the presentation is provided in advance. The INI laptop supports Adobe PDF and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

Overhead Transparency Projector (OHP)

Document Camera

There are two overhead projectors (one at each side) which can be used simultaneously. They project on to angled white screens above the side chalk boards, but also obstruct the view of these chalk boards.

A third OHP can be requested if you wish to use the central projection screen and there is also a digital document camera/visualiser available (pictured), which can be used to display transparencies, documents and small objects.

Other Equipment

Computer speakers, a 35mm slide projector, VHS video cassette player and Internet access are available on request.

Sound Amplification

Presenters are asked to use a radio microphone for sound reinforcement and recording purposes. The room is also equipped with an Inductive Loop system for the hard of hearing.

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