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Isaac Newton by NFN Kalyan

This image is taken from the cover of a book entitled "Sources in the Development of Mathematics" by Ranjan Roy, published by Cambridge University Press, 2011.

The overall piece is meant to be shown somewhat as a work still "under construction" but aged at the same time. That's why the portrait of Newton is partially realistic and partially drawn on. The background is also rough and fades away in portions. The technique used in constructing this piece is used as a metaphor for the development of mathematics, the focus of the book. Around Newton you can see smaller images of Cauchy, Euler and Gauss. These four figures were chosen by the author, Ranjan Roy. At the bottom you see Newton's signature and all of the writing is his own.

Professor Roy says about the writing: "Newton's problem was to express the area of the sector of the circle aep in terms of the length of the line segment pq. For this purpose, he had to first find a series for the square root of 1 - x^2. He found this by a type of guesswork he learned from John Wallis. This result was Newton's discovery of the binomial theorem for real exponents as opposed to just positive integer exponents. With this in hand Newton could obtain the expression for the area ape. You can read this in his hand: Then is the superficies ape = x - x square root 1 - xx - a series."

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