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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Isaac Newton Institute Artefacts

The Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences is fortunate in owning, through generous donations, a number of artefacts which not only enhance the interior and exterior of the building, but are of mathematical, historical and artistic interest. A brief 'tour' of these artefacts is given below - please click on the links or images for enlarged versions and information about each one.

The Isaac Newton Institute was delighted to welcome Turner Prize Winning Sculptor Professor Grenville Davey as the artist-in-residence for the duration of the programme The Mathematics and Applications of Branes in String and M-theory from January to June 2012. Professor Davey was working with Dr David Berman, one of the programme organisers, who is an expert in M-theory, an extension of string theory. Together they presented sessions at the Institute to discuss their collaboration on works inspired by ideas from the cutting edge of contemporary theoretical physics.

1. Intuition, Genesis and Creation ~ Sculptures by John Robinson (In front of the building)

2. Bust of Dirac

3. Bust of Sir Michael Atiyah

4. Portrait of Isaac Newton

5. Newton's deathmask

6. Bust of Newton

7. Paolozzi's Newton

8. Apple Tree

9. Brunsviga Machines

10. Flags of the Undiscovered Planets

11. Mathematical Gates

12. Chinese Silk Coffee table

13. Deriving the Motions of Saturn and Jupiter II by Catherine M Stewart

14. Portrait of Nathan Mayer Rothschild

15. Newton's Interpretation of the Cosmos

16. Infinity

17. My Dad is a Mathematician

18. Steel Soliton Splash

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